Diamond Hurricane
Diamond Hurricane
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Diamond Hurricane

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 Your dreaded beardruff days are finally over! Just a little of this all-natural beard balm will leave you with flake & itch-free skin all day long! Get the quality beard you truly deserve with Finger lakes beard bros. Using only the finest ingredients sourced across the world, we made it our duty to provide you with the best beard balm on the market.


 Very easy to open and shut! This zero-waste packaging keeps the beard balm from drying out and losing its signature scent. It is durable and lightweight, so you can just stash it in your bag without worrying of leakage. Style your hair anytime, anywhere! Our beard balm gives off a light masculine scent that includes eucalyptus and cedar and isn't overpowering.


 This nourishing beard balm is considered by many aficionados to be one of the most luxurious beard balms and leave-in beard moisturizers on the market. Those Beard Balm helps to restore dry, damaged split-ends while promoting overall health and shine. Show your beard & mustache some love and look good, feel good and smell good throughout the day.




  • Item Type: Balm

  • Scents: A woody aromatic cologne scents

  • Ingredients: Beeswax , Shea Butter , Sweet Almond Oil.   


FingerLakes Beard Bros is highly committed to our customers, we stand behind our products and customers. Our ultimate goal is to satisfy each and every customer, from the moment you purchase our products throughout its lifetime.

Beard balm

is simply a leave-in conditioner that moisturizes, conditions, softens and helps style your beard. Most beard balms contain shea butter for softening and moisturizing, sweet almond oil for conditioning and booting growth, and a protectant (such as beeswax) for sealing in moisture.

Beard Oil 

Beard Oil nourishes the hair to make it softer and more manageable. It’s not only hydrating to the hair but the skin beneath too. When you grow a beard, the hair absorbs any moisture from your skin and due to this, your skin begins to dry out and without any moisture replenishment, the skin becomes dry and broken.

Dry and broken skin leads to beard itch and its partner beard dandruff. The dandruff is caused because of the excessive scratching and the dry, dead skin beneath the hair. By using beard oil, the skin beneath will be kept moisturized and stop both the itch and dandruff.

Boar Brush 

With sturdy bristles, a boar bristle brush massages your skin, encouraging blood flow and the distribution of nutrients vital to hair growth. Faster distribution of nutrients also means faster beard growth

Wood Beard Comb 

Wood is an antistatic material and thus works with your beard instead of against it. Not only that but plastic combs generally have sharper points to their teeth which can cause irritation to the skin underneath your beard whereas wooden teeth are more forgiving

Beard Conditioner 

The Benefits of Using A Quality Beard Conditioner
  • nourishes and moisturizes the beard.
  • softens the stubble on the face.
  • gives a healthy shine.
  • makes combing easier.
  • positive effect on hair density.
  • eliminates irritation and dry skin.
  • heals and nourishes the skin.
  • makes styling a beard easier.