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Our Team



William Hanvey (Co-Owner)

William has lived in the Finger Lakes since birth and comes from a family of 7.  He has a passion for football, kraft beer,  enjoys hiking and brings a competitive spirit to everything he does. William recently completed a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Economics which has allowed him to bring a new edge to the development of Finger Lakes Beard Bros.    


  Dustin Bovard (Co-Owner)

Dustin grew up in the Finger Lakes region and loves all the area has to offer. He has a genuine and zealous interest in ALL things sports! Dustin's strength is undoubtedly found in personal connections and his undeniable excitement regarding Finger Lakes Beard Bros quality products. He is the "master balm maker" and has become an expert in what scent matches a customers needs and personality. 



Lyle Hanvey 

Lyle is our Sales Rep at the Windmill Farm and Craft Market in Penn Yan. He has been with our Company since the beginning and has a vast experience in Business and a great knowledge in all beard care products.. 

Deanna Scherer

Danna is our Administrative Assistant. She is the newest member to our team here at Finger Lakes Beard Bros. Deanna was born and raised in the Finger Lakes area and brings a unique set of skills with her to Finger Lakes Beard Bro's